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  1. I received my GK03++ today item as described. The shipping was excellent to Michigan outstanding service and communication from Vladimir.
    The best price I found online and minimal shipping costs, will definitely buy again from! Highly recommend this seller!!
    Thank You.

  2. Got my Aluminum handle adapter for my Saiga 12. Been searching the web a long time for that piece and finally found it here!
    It was exactly as described and the fit is perfect. The shipping did not take long from ordering so it was more than ok!
    Can absolutely recommend this store!!!

    1. Thank you, Valter!
      Good luck!

  3. Excellent seller and products for my VEPR-12. I ordered the Vepr-12 gas piston Titanium and took only about 2 weeks for delivery in the US. The enhanced piston puck for the Vepr-12 was of extremely high quality. Installed right away on my Vepr and definitely helps with cycling the lighter 1 1/8 oz lead shot practice / training loads. I used Google translation to understanding the shipping tracking information provided by Vladimir!

    I will definitely recommend to others on the products being offered by Vladimir!

    1. Thank you, James!

  4. Ordered a GK-03++ on the website, took 5 days from St. Petersburg to JFK, then 5 days from JFK to Tulsa. I had it in my hand on day 10. AWESOME! Thanks Vladimir!
    And I always get a smile thinking “I just bought a Russian part to go on my Chinese shotgun, here in America”. Gotta love it!

  5. Trusted seller. Package posted quite fast. Delay at Malaysia Custome and Post because of Eid Mubarak long holiday. Landed safely last Friday. Strongly recommended to VEepr 12 owner.

  6. Ordered a GK03, shipping to USA took about 3 weeks. Mounted to my vepr12 looks cool. Shot it a couple times already.
    Pros: looks crazy, reduced recoil and muzzle rise.
    Cons if you are shooting into a slight breeze, you can feel a little blow back in your face.

  7. Great prices for authentic Russian parts. Quick shipping.

  8. I ordered two forend grips and the quality is outstanding. The shipping was very fast to the USA and Vladimir sent them the same day as I placed the order. I was so pleased I placed a second order and will probably do more. Great products and outstanding service.

  9. Received my order in less than 2 weeks!
    Thanks again Vladimir!

  10. Received my order just two weeks after i placed my order!
    Great products and an outstanding job from Vladimir…
    It was my second order so far and i will absolutely recommend your website!
    Thank you from Germany

  11. The item took about a month to get to the US. Something weird happened during shipping where it departed Russia twice two weeks apart. I was skeptical ordering at first, but I got what I wanted for a better price than anywhere else. I may order more gear in the future. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the Order and feedback!
      The usual delivery time is 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it takes a very long time.

  12. Legit service. Fast delivery.

  13. Very pleased with buying experience, the quality of the item ordered, and the speed of delivery.

    Thanks from Malta.

  14. Great service, parts shipped to US, and arrived in good time, and look great. Thanks!

  15. I received the GK03 comp and it is perfect. The shipping was fast to Utah with good comms from Vladimir. Outstanding service. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for Order and feedback, Roger!

      1. Thank you so much! Exactly as described, great price and minimal shipping costs. Got here quick and very pleased with the quality and service. We will definitely buy again through you Vladimir and recommend you to friends! Thank you brother.

  16. Received my GK-03 today. Installed it on my Vepr. Works great! Took less than 2 weeks to the USA. Great service! Good communication.

    1. Received my GK-03++ in a timely manner, it got hung up in France for awhile (Yellow Jacket Riots?). Installed on My Vepr 12 and went shooting. The brake functioned very well, reducing recoil and muzzle rise . I shot 25rds of Sellier & Bellot 00 Buck Shot (high base) Max Dram EQ , 25rds of Spartan 00 Buck Shot (low base), and 10rds of Federal Power Shock 1oz MAXIMUM Hollow Point Rifled Slugs, 1610 FPS. I did this in around 30 minutes as fast I could load up my magazines. With the muzzle break I had no problems with a sore shoulder, in the past I would have. This Brake is well made and I would not hesitate to buy more accessories from VZAPASE again.

  17. GK-03 came quickly.
    Safe and secure……do not hesitate to order.

    1. Thanks for the order and feedback!

      1. Received, thank you very much. Great customer service

  18. Received my gk-3 for my Vepr in a timely manner. I haven’t had time to attach it yet but it looks very well made. I would not hesitate to order from here again.

  19. Great quality products and fast shipping! Communication also works with Vladimir! Thank you!

  20. Thank you , Vladmir for the great service and excellent communication.

    I received the muzzle device for my Vepr today and it arrived well packed and in good condition. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

    Steve W.

    1. The delivery time for your order was very long. Thank you for your patience!

    2. Received my VEPR-12 safety today. Very good price and fast shipping! Thank you Vladimir! 🙂

  21. Ordered items as described. Arrived quite fast and well packed. Would like to buy more stuff but unfortunately out of stock.
    I will check this site often for my Molot Vepr 12 parts. Highly recommended seller. Thank you.

  22. Fast Shipping to US considering where it coming from. AMAZING Product! Love the muzzle brake for my saiga 12. Will buy more in the future, love it!

  23. Received GK-03 muzzle break, it works really well.

    Delivery was fast and price right, also answering to all questions promptly, excellent customer service!

    Thank you Vladimir

  24. Received GK-03 swiftly, works great!

    Thanks from Denmark

  25. I am so happy with the outstanding service that I have received. I order a GK-03 On April 29th. It was shipped in the 30th. Now it is in my hand here in North Carolina, USA on April 17th. That is less than 20 days
    Also, Vladimir Mitrushonkov answered each and every email that I sent him in a very fast timely matter. I wish we had more business like his here in the states that takes customer service to the next level like he does.
    Thank you, Vladimir you do good work,

    North Carolina, USA

    1. Thank you for Order and Feedback!

  26. My lower handguard and GK-2 muzzle brake arrived in Texas quicker than I expected. Vladimir was always helpful with my questions. His customer service and delivery were excellent. The muzzle break went on my Vepr 12 easily.
    It reduced the recoil quite a bit but more importantly to me it kept the muzzle down and on target. I could not be more pleased. I definitely recommend his company and will purchase from Vzapase again.
    Keep up the great work Vladimir!
    Удачи тебе!
    Ken Curran

    1. Thank you, Ken!

  27. merci bien
    commande sans problème
    que du sérieux.

  28. Very nice brake, finish and quality 100%, basically got a Gk-03 for the price of Gk-01.
    Was able to track shipment the entire way to US.
    This is a great place to get genuine accessories, I think I’ll need some magazine’s soon.
    Thank you Vladimir

  29. I ordered GK-03 muzzle break for my VEPR 12 And a lower handguard with pic rail. On the muzzle break I shaved well over $50 and on the handguard I shaved well over $30 buying from this site as opposed to buying from an American site. Also, the shipping was great even though it was shipped during the Christmas holiday season I received it in very short time. I will be looking at this website often for my shotgun needs Perhaps magazines will be available again in the future that would be very nice

  30. yes i did all good

  31. My GK03 and conceal carry agent bag order came in within 2 weeks. That is Fast, considering of how far it is coming from. The service was very professional. The price is exceptionally reasonable. The quality of the genuine leather handbag is great.

  32. Just received the GK-03 muzzle brake, top quality parts, great service and price. Since it’s going on a Cheetah 12, I wasn’t sure of the fit, but it went on very smoothly and looks intimidating.

  33. Very competitive price for authentic Russian parts.. Prompt delivery and very nicely packaged… Thank You will order from U again Cheers 🙂

  34. My choke tubes and my Gk 03 muzzlebrake for my Saiga 12 arrived today, top quality parts and excellent service from you guys, gonna blow the opposition away with these new parts.

  35. Just received parts for my Vepr 12, well packaged and of excellent quality.
    Thanks very much.

    1. Thanks for the Order and feedback!

  36. Awesome company! Pleasure to do business with.

  37. I second all the positive remarks above. I would also like to say how much I appreciated the support I received regarding the threading on the locknut. Excellent customer service!!

    1. Thank you, Tom!

  38. Just received mk-02 comp in Denmark, great and fast service, can’t wait to try it.

    1. Thank you for Order!

  39. I received the muzzle brake for my Vepr 12 and I can’t be more pleased with it. Well made, great price and fast shipping considering it’s coming from Russia.

  40. Well worth the wait would use again

  41. Получил сегодня (muzzle brake compensator for the shotguns Vepr 12). Большое спасибо за отличный сервис. Буду рекомендовать ваш сайт( всем знакомым.

    1. Спасибо за заказ и отзыв! Удачи в делах!

  42. Shipped GK-01 to USA Quality Saiga shotgun part Good writing communication Recommend to hunters for business

    1. Thank you Jhon! Happy New Year!

      1. Thank you! Happy New Year Vladimir! Спасибо! С Новым годом Владимир!

  43. Received my GK-02 brake and 10 round mags today. My order was just as advertised, arrived in good time, and in excellent condition. When I need more parts for my VEPR, I will definitely start my search here.

  44. Just received my Holster bag for tablets and pistols Agent, great workmanship and quality. Definitely going to purchase another bag from this company soon.

  45. I have been using two different bags for the past few months and have nothing but good things to say. The items are exactly as pictured and the quality is great. Thanks for an excellent that works well with my Glock 26.

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