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Letter from one of the clients

USA KS-12 shotgun
USA KS-12 shotgun

Vladimir Hello,

All is good.

My Gk-03 arrived as expected in good condition, fit my shotgun perfectly.
I am very pleased with the quality and finish.
Outstanding service and communication
On your part, Thank You!!!
I will be watching your website for magazines and other accessories.
I have left you feedback as requested,
again, Thank you so much.
I’ve attached a photo of my kalashnikov USA KS-12 shotgun with the new brake, looks great.
Our US firearms laws here have been terrable for purchasing a genuine Saiga, they are not anything close to how they were entended after they are nutered for import into the US,  this shotgun came from the new kalashnikov factory in Florida.
*Published with the permission of the client.
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Concern Kalashnikov in St. Petersburg

September 23, the opening group representation “Kalashnikov” in the center of the arms “Levsha” in St. Petersburg. On the windows of branded products represented by line group, including smoothbore and rifled civilian weapons, ammunition, weapon tuning elements, spare parts shops, T-shirts, etc. The opening was accompanied by a mass audience giveaways, contests and lotteries.

In the center of the arms “Levsha” presented products and our online store.

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Holster for gadgets

Holster for gadgets

We recently updated the product line by offering you a holster for gadgets. Holster for gadgets designed to carry all those little things that modern man carries in his pockets. Keys, cell phone, smart phone, passport, driver’s license, a folding knife, a pen, etc. now you can not wear in the pockets, and in a specially designed accessory.

  • Holster for gadgets making hands free, eliminating the need for bags and the like.
  • Holster for gadget allows to drive a car, motorcycle, bicycle, and always have everything you need.
  • Holster for gadgets made of high quality leather and a stylish accessory.
  • The holster for the gadget is not trivial, and a welcome gift.
  • Holster for gadgets suitable for both men and women.

More details on the product page >>