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About the delivery situation


In late April and early May, the postal service worked with a great delay. I do not know why this happened. Perhaps because of security measures during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
The status of sixteen orders(USA, Spain, Germany) has not been updated in the postal service for a long time. I understand your excitement. I returned money to one client, and now his package is in the place of destination (see here).

Now all the packages have arrived to the destination countries, you can check their status on the website of your postal service or here:

So far there is no information on only five orders. These are the orders made: James F., Steve W., Ali M.,Joseph Z. and Tim W. Guys, I’m sure that soon they will also appear on the site Keep calm and wait for the Postman.

The delivery time of the last orders is 2 – 3 weeks. Example here>>

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Keep calm and wait for the Postman

Sutaev Muzzle Brake

Hi, guy’s! All orders done before May 30 are shipped. Probably they will be delivered by sea transport and not by plane. Unfortunately, it does not depend on me. Do not worry, if you do not receive the order, I will definitely refund your money. We still have to wait.

Last Order was delivered to Germany in 5 days. You can see track RO186250080RU on Today I ship one Order to US. I will observe how quickly it will be delivered. Don’t worry, I’m working honestly.


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Letter from one of the clients

USA KS-12 shotgun
USA KS-12 shotgun

Vladimir Hello,

All is good.

My Gk-03 arrived as expected in good condition, fit my shotgun perfectly.
I am very pleased with the quality and finish.
Outstanding service and communication
On your part, Thank You!!!
I will be watching your website for magazines and other accessories.
I have left you feedback as requested,
again, Thank you so much.
I’ve attached a photo of my kalashnikov USA KS-12 shotgun with the new brake, looks great.
Our US firearms laws here have been terrable for purchasing a genuine Saiga, they are not anything close to how they were entended after they are nutered for import into the US,  this shotgun came from the new kalashnikov factory in Florida.
*Published with the permission of the client.